Akon - Lonely

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Akon - Lonely
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  • Размер: 10,06 MB
  • Длительность: 4:23
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 03.09.2022
Текст песни: Akon - Lonely
Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own
I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own
I am so lonely

Yo, this one here goes out to all my players out there, man
Ya know, that got that one good girl, Lord
That's always been there, man
Like, took all the bullshit

But then one day, she can't take it no more and decide to leave
Yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night
And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side
Coulda sworn I was dreamin' for her
I was feenin' so I had to take a little ride

Backtracking over these few years
Tryin' ta figure out what I do to make it go bad
'Cause ever since my girl left me
My whole life came crashing and I'm so